NLC to Start Assembly of Mercedez Benz Trucks in Pakistan |

NLC to Start Assembly of Mercedez Benz Trucks in Pakistan

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between National Logistics Cell (NLC) and German Daimler AG. Both the companies in close collaboration will manufacture Mercedez Benz trucks in the region.

DG NLC, Major General Mushtaq Faisal along with CEO Pakistan NLC, Mr.Zia Ahmed signed MoU on the behalf of NLC.  Whereas Executive Committee Head, Mr. Klaus Fischinger and Woerth Head of Sales, Dr. Ralf Forcher signed for Mercedez Benz Trucks. Furthermore, there were number of respectable dignitaries present at the signing ceremony. Few of the prominent names included Director and GM Shahnawaz Ltd, Mr.Naseem Shaikh. The authorized Daimler distributor of Shahnawaz Limited, Mr. Ahmed Naeem.

Adding on, the hopes are quite high from these Mercedes Benz trucks.  These trucks will be assembled locally by NLC and therefore, it is expected that demand will be quite high.  Not only in Pakistan but it is anticipated that this will be a gateway towards people shifting to manufacturers in Europe.

Moreover, this signing ceremony is looked upon as one of the memorable moments in the history of the automobile industry. According to Major Gen. Faisal, this is an immense opportunity and logistics industry of the region can benefit from it. He further emphasized that this assembly part will be one of its own kind.

All those who are wishing to buy Mercedes Benz Trucks but are reluctant thinking that it’s an expensive brand. Worry not! These trucks will be available at a competitive price. This means that the price of Mercedes Benz trucks will be next to already existing trucks in the market. This is in accordance with the Auto Policy 2016-2021. The establishment of this new plant will be beneficial to the economy in a number of ways.  It will open doors for more employment opportunities.  At the same time, the local vendor’s benchmark will be increased. Therefore, one can assume that better quality products will be delivered to customers.

On the other hand, Executive Committee member and Marketing and Sales Head, Dr. Ralf Forcher also shared his views. According to Dr. Ralf  Forcher, the Pakistan sector of infrastructure and construction is has shown immense growth. Therefore, one can easily attach strings to Pakistan economy, hoping that it will increase to a great extent in future. The demand for commercial vehicles is continuously rising and it is expected to increase further. Whereas the logistics industry is doing significantly well as well. Under these circumstances, the establishment of assembly plant of Mercedez Benz trucks is certainly fruitful.

Needless to say that CPEC is another factor due to which the demand is continuously increasing in the sector. There are many hopes attached to CPEC and that it will give rise to modern and advanced networks of transportation. Since there is high demand to link Karachi and Gwadar to northern areas of Pakistan. At the same time, there is need to connect Central Asia and China as well.