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Osaka Price Rs: 42,500
Image Credit: Osaka Automobiles

Osaka 70 new model 2019 in Pakistan have been introduced. Just like several other bikes coming from Osaka Automobile Industries (Pvt) LTD, it is getting highly popular. Osaka 70 is simply looking sleek bike. By the appearance and specifications of Osaka 70, it does seem that the bike aims to full fill basic transport need. Its nothing fancy or sparkly, but it has everything which an average rider would look for. Osaka 70 is best suitable for someone who needs to meet the transport need or even for beginners. Especially the university going individuals or young adults.

Osaka 70 works fine for elderly men or young generation. Also, it will not be wrong to say that Osaka is effective and efficient to be used both in urban and rural areas. Adding on, the shock absorbing capacity of this bike makes it a delight to ride on local roads. The bike has the ability to offer a bump-free ride. Moreover, Osaka remains stable without much vibration on roads which are not too smooth.

Paying attention to the manufacturers of the bike. Osaka 70 is the proud production of Osaka Automobile Industries. The company is in business for quite a long time. They pay attention to the latest innovations and technical details in the products they come up with. The company offers unmatched customer service. As a result, whoever purchases their product once keeps coming back. Helping company to gain customer loyalty, often made to the top preference of many buyers. Adding on, other than manufacturing bikes the company is also actively involved in the import and export of spare parts. This further gives security to buyers.

At some point in time if they need to replace any part of the motorcycle it will not an issue. Since the spare parts are also easily available at Osaka Automobile Industries. The foundation of the company was laid in 2006. It is remarkable how the company has managed to expand and gain recognition over a short span of time. It is pertinent to mention that this recognition is not confined within the borders only but widespread internationally as well. Such an achievement can only be bagged if your service and product quality are over and beyond.

In recent years, Osaka motorcycles have managed to be one of the largest selling brands in the region. Their bikes are equally popular in Afghanistan as well. The quality, reliability, and durability of Osaka motorcycles are kept in check. Not only this, they pay keen attention to the pricing of the bikes. The company certainly want the bike to be affordable and pocket-friendly. So that it is in an approach of every other man who is looking to satisfy the need for good transport. This is one of the reasons that the price of Osaka af 70 is kept economical. Further, being marketed with great after sales service and comes with a six-month warranty or first 6000kms. Osaka 70 2019 price in Pakistan is PKR.42500.


Osaka is a technically sound bike with great specifications and features. The bike is given strong Japanese technology. We as the nation are prone to Japanese technology bikes and vehicles as they are durable and rough tough to use.

The shape of Osaka 70 is quite decent. The bike is available in two basic colors of red and black. The headlight of the bike is bright and illuminating along with differently designed tail lights. In addition to this, the tails lights are in the shape of an inverted triangle which adds to the beauty of a bike. Osaka indicators are prominent to other drivers. Eliminating the chances of minor accidents. However, the safety bar is missing which may not be problematic as the seating capacity is quite broad. The shape of a silencer is sleek and emits less smoke.

Protecting mother nature and the rider as well, preventing him to breathe in a too polluted environment. The speedometer design is beautiful meeting the basic need. Osaka 70 does not come with digital speedometer and is given analog speedometer. One thing which is appreciated able about Osaka is that the speedometer, fuel tank indicator are kept quite simple. This eliminates complexity for beginners or new bike rider. The simplicity helps to focus on the road and avoid taking attention away from driving.

Technical Specifications of Osaka 70

Osaka is one of the finest bikes available in the market at the moment. Exclusively designed to meet the needs of the masses. The bike has all the specifications which one may look in an everyday bike. Osaka comes with 4 strokes, OHC engine with single cylinder along with air-cooled specifications. The displacement of the bike is 7occ with a compression ratio of 47.0 x 41.4mm. The clutch type is multiple wet plate type and constant mesh 4-speed transmission. Just like a majority of 70cc, Osaka 70 need to be kick-started as well and is not available in self-start option. The starting option is quite feasible since most of the 70cc bikes available in the market are kick start only. It’s rare to find a 70cc bike with an electric or self-start option as this specification tend to shoot the price. Making it move away from economical bike options.

Furthermore, the frame of the bike is a backbone type which offers convenience ride with comfort. The dimensions of the bike are 1900 x 760 x 995mm. Along with ground clearance of 140mm which is quite promising for the stability of the bike. The petrol capacity of Osaka is 9 liters. I personally believe that petrol capacity is a little less and it could have been better. However, the bike offers exceptional mileage, due to which the capacity will not be problematic. Osaka offers a whooping mileage of 80kmpl which is above the average. Since most of the bikes offer an average mileage of 60kmpl. The size of the wheel in front is 2.25-17 and back wheel size is 2.50-17. The dry weight of the bike is 82kgs. This may allow the bike to run smoothly even at the time of extra weight on the bike.


More or less Osaka 70cc is a suitable bike for masses. It is an economical and true example of quality along with finest of specifications. 70cc is not for those who are looking for something special or extraordinary but smartly delivers the need for transport. I believe Osaka motorcycles have done quite a decent job in the shape of Osaka.


Osaka 2019 key features:

  • Latest Switch Assembly (controlled with left hand).
  • Strongside covers with Lock.
  • Non-asbestos, eco-friendly brakes.
  • Up to 80 Km mileage in 1 liter.


Osaka 2019 Specification

Engine4-Stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by airDisplacement70 cc
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio8.8:1
ClutchMultiple wt platesTransmissionContinuous 4 speed mash
StartingKick StarterFrameBackbone type
Dimension (Lxwxh)1900 x 760 x 995 mmGround Clearance140 mm
Petrol Capacity9 LtrTyre at Front2.25 – 17 4 PR
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17 4 PRDry Weight82 KG