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Overdrive open its Motorbike Showroom Karachi

Image Credit: overdrive

Over the past one year if there is advancement seen in any industry it is motorcycle industry. On a good note, the motorbikes concept as a whole is advancing. People are putting their mind in how to invent technically impressive bikes. Yet they are also coming up with unique strategies to sell them.  Recently, the nation specially Karachiites witnessed an increase in motorbike showrooms in Karachi. Each motorbike showroom Karachi trying to excel in their field by being creative and have unique selling proposition.

Approximately year ago, another motorbike passionate got into the business of motorcycles. Choosing a perfectly fierce name, Overdrive.pk meaning a vehicle which has more gear ratio than the ordinary. The aim of the company is to discover motorcycling spirit in the region. At the same time providing innovative, imported bikes at affordable prices. So that the bike passion of ordinary man does not fade away only due to price concerns.

Recently, Overdrive.pk opened doors to their first ever motorbike showroom Karachi. This motorbike showroom Karachi is going to satisfy all your bike needs. Caution – this motorbike showroom Karachi is for die-hard bike fans only.


Overdrive is one of its kind motorbike showroom Karachi. They are also the partners of world’s popular brands Keeway Motors and UM motors (United Motors). Certainly, these brands are known for the quality and therefore, sold in approximately 60 countries around the globe. Moreover, Overdrive itself as a brand that makes sure they only bring in those bikes which have exclusive designs. Also, have great safety features and powerful engines. Furthermore, this motorbike showroom Karachi is not among those who will forget you after selling the product to you. Overdrive further emphasis on providing exceptional after sale service. Overdrive is the brain child of Mr. Kashif Anis. According to Mr. Anis, the Overdrive will meet their customer after sales support with the help of their workshop. The workshop will be opertional by April 2018.

So what are you waiting for? If you have the love for bikes and eager to spot the finest bikes in town. You certainly got to visit Overdrive.  Located at 1-D, Sunset Boulevard,, Phase 2, DHA, Karachi. Time to get rolling!