Production and Sales Data of Cars & Bikes – January 2018 |

Production and Sales Data of Cars & Bikes – January 2018

Production and Sales Data of Cars & Bikes – January 2018

Pakistani car industry has seen an exponential development in a most recent couple of years that has changed the entire situation of offers and generation of vehicles. We should observe creation and deals information of vehicles discharged by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA)

1300cc or more, 4,100 units of Honda (Civic and City) were produced, out of which 3,888 units sold. A year ago in 2017, the aggregate of 3,800 units were delivered in the long stretch of January, and units sold were 4,002.

Toyota created 4,325 units of Corolla, out of which 4,243 units were sold. On the off chance that contrasted with January 2017, 4,967 units were created, and units sold were 5,108.

Suzuki Swift created 532 units out of which 512 units were sold in the long stretch of January. Be that as it may, if contrasted with 2017, the deals surpassed the no. of units created.  Pak Suzuki delivered 2002 units of Cultus in January; however, the units sold 2046. Be that as it may, a year ago in January 2017, the units sold (1366) were not as much as the units created (1926).  In January 2018, the general units of Suzuki WagonR sold surpassed from the aggregate no. of units created; which was 2,550. The same was the situation a year ago that the generation was 1,536, and the no. of units sold was 1,602.

Add up to units of Mehran created were 4,822, out of which 4,324 units were sold in the long stretch of January 2018. A year ago, in January the generation was 3,404, yet the sold units were 3,735.

This year in January, add up to no. of Honda Bikes created was 100,000 and no. of units sold were 100,011. In any case, in January 2017, the aggregate no. delivered was 86,100 and add up to units sold were 86,074.

The aggregate no. of Yamaha bicycles delivered was 1,600, out of which 1,409 were sold for the current year in January. What’s more, in January 2017 the units delivered were 1,275, out of which 800 were sold.

The aggregate no. of Suzuki Bikes delivered in January 2018 was 2,197, and units sold were 1,510. What’s more, in January 2017, the no. of units delivered was 1,430, out of which 1,269 units were sold.