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Sazgar Rickshaw Being exported to Japan

Auto Rickshaw Being exported to Japan

Auto Rickshaw are the most common source of transportation in Pakistan. The reason,  public transports are overly crowded and aren’t safe for women and family. Moreover, only a limited number of people are able to afford private transports (cars and motorcycles). Therefore,  the lower or the lower-middle class community of Pakistan prefers sazgar auto rickshaw. Although, there are taxis available like the normal yellow cab but they’re quite heavy to the pocket. Nowadays, taxi services like Uber & Careem are in business here in Pakistan and are quite cheap. However, a huge percent of a population isn’t familiar with it.

Sazgar Leading Auto Rickshaw Company of  Pakistan

As CNG rickshaws are a fundamental source of transport, there are a variety of companies manufacturing them. Amongst the most successful ones is ‘Sazgar Engineering Works Ltd’ topping the list, followed by ‘Senior automobiles’,’Master engineering company’, ‘Star Asia’, and ‘Memon motors’ etc. Talking about the leading company of 2017, Sazgar Engineering Works Ltd came into being on 21st September 1991. At first, it was a Private Limited company but later change its status to a Public Limited Company. With shares of 500 crores, the company is mighty. Making quality the main objective, Sazgar Rickshaws avoids competition. ‘We take pride that our brand is a symbol of quality in the respective categories of Products’ claims the head of Sazgar Engineering.

Auto Rickshaw
Image Credit: SazgarEngineering Works Limited

Sazgar AutoRickshaw Exports

Today, if you give a close look to roads in Pakistan, 99% of the cars running are Japanese cars. They’ve dominated Pakistan in the four wheelers! But remove a wheel and it’s Japan which imports from Pakistan. Yes! Pakistan exports three wheeler CNG Auto Rickshaw to Japan and the Japanese are crazy over it. It’s now a need there, especially in Tokyo. Sazgar Engineering rickshaws have also earned a respectable place in the Japanese markets. They are also successful in making enormous profits there.

auto rickshaw
Image Credit: B_Recorder

Sazgar Auto Rickshaw Success in Japan

The Japanese use the Auto Rickshaw on daily basis to travel within short distances. Sazgars Auto Rickshaw are successful there as they are quite similar to the trucks in Pakistan. Pakistani truck art is loved and appreciated worldwide. Secondly, these Auto Rickshaw are cost effective and are up to the expected standards of the Japanese. To the mere amusement of the Pakistanis and Sazgar Ltd, it is the only three-wheeler that grips on a Japanese highway!

Moreover, the success of this CNG Auto Rickshaw is not only beneficial for the Sazagar Engineering but it also plays an important role in the improvement of Pakistan’s economy. Furthermore, the main thing the manufacturers have to focus on is quality. Where there is quality there is demand. Not everyone earns in the extremely competed Japanese markets, and it’s for sure that the Pakistanis have, like always, done wonders. I hope it’s just the beginning from Japan. From Japan and around the World!