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Self Start Bikes Price in Pakistan

 Self Start Bikes in Pakistan

Self Start bikes with mostly the same specs as their kick start counterparts. However there is one major difference in the ignition. Instead of having the rider do the tedious task of kicking countless times the start by the mere push of a button hence reducing the effort required by a large margin. They make the convenient ride of a motorbike even more convenient.

Self start bikes however were a mode of transport only used by the rich as a means to show off their wealth. Self start bikes were only made by leading multinational companies and often had an immense price tag that was well out of the grasp of the common man. These bikes were making the common man’s ride less common! There has been a significant change however in this trend in 2017 however, with many smaller motorcycle producers dishing out many affordable self start 70 cc bikes in Pakistan. Self start bikes or automatic bikes in Pakistan are much more common now. Furthermore credit for this goes solely to the companies who made this venture. As a result of the price in Pakistan of self start bikes has gone down drastically and made it much easier for the everyday use of these machines.

When talking of self start bikes in Pakistan a few companies and their revolutionary bikes come to mind in specific. These Self Start Bikes include Ghani GI 70cc Self Start Bike, Crown Lifan CRLF 70cc Self Start bike and Treet TR 70 Self Start bike. These have truly changes the game and the look of the modern market of automatic bikes in Pakistan. Now discuss these master class motorbikes individually to see what each of the bikes and the company that manufactures them.

Self Start Bikes – Ghani GI 70CC

Ghani Automobiles is a company operating under the prestigious logo of the Ghani Group of companies. They had started the production of motorbikes in 2005 and have been very successful with their wide range of two wheelers in 70cc to 100cc displacement bracket. Ghani self start bikes is a very well known and prestigious name in the Pakistani market. They are well known for their durable and economical motorbikes.

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Image Credit: Ghani Automobile Industries

One such amazing motorbike is their Ghani GI 70cc self start bike. This is one of the best self start bikes around with a stylish and innovative design as well as impressive specs. With a dry weight of 88 kilograms and a petrol capacity of 9.2 liters. This motorbike is the perfect blend between economical and stylish. The Ghani GI 70cc self start bike 2017 model is also impressive due to its durability and high mileage. Therefore making it one of the best options for somebody looking for a good economical self start bike. It’s price in Pakistan is of Rs. 47, 000.

Self Start Bikes – Crown Lifan CRLF 70cc

Crown Lifan is common name mention by motorbike enthusiasts. The company is a success story in and of itself. They started off as nothing more than a workshop but through their hard work and perseverance have made a reputation for producing durable and economical rides for motorcyclists throughout Pakistan. Crown Lifan operates from Sadiqabad and are prominent self start bikes producers in the Pakistani Market.

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Image Credit: Crown Motor Company

One of the prime examples of their quality of work is the Crown CRLF 70 cc self start bikes. The bike is in a class of its own and is therefore very popular with the public. Instead of having a flashy design Crown Lifan instead opt for a very classic and old school look for the bike. The new 2017 model of self start bike is more dynamic than ever. The engine is capable of seeding up to 90 kilometers per hour and has an impressive mileage of 70 km/ ltr. The Crown CRLF Self Start bikes is every common man’s dream ride as it hits all the marks for what a good economical ride is. Furthermore these Self Start bikes also comes in dynamic colors, hence making it very appealing aesthetically as well. Crown Lifan has indeed made an impressive bike. It’s price in Pakistan is of Rs. 50, 000.

Self Start Bikes – Treet TR 70

Treet is a relatively new motorcycle company established in Pakistan with the help of our close friend China. They mainly focus on efficiency of the engine while designing their bikes and are slowly but gradually making a name in Pakistani automobile market.

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Image Credit: Ali Group

They recently came out with the new 2017 model of the Treet TR 70 self start bike. It is an amazing two wheeler and a very good economical self start bikes option for the masses. It has a very basic yet elegant design with a dry weight of only 82 kilograms. The bike has a very smooth ride and is envy of all when it rides along the streets of Pakistan. It’s price in Pakistan is Rs. 48, 000.