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Sigma Motorsports Lahore – The Trend Changer

Sigma Motorsports Lahore – The Trend Changer

In the recent years, the motorbike business in the region have started to flourish and so is the passion for the bike. One can even say that now people are able to showcase their passion and love for the bike better than ever before. Previously, two stores opened in Karachi showcasing imported bikes and now it’s time for Lahore to get all excited. Since the new trendy heavy bikes showroom in Lahore is breaking many stereotypes. Its chic, its exclusive and its probably everything you are looking for, Sigma Motorsports Lahore – The trend changers.  As the tagline suggests the Sigma motorsports Lahore is not an ordinary heavy bikes dealers in Lahore. They are certainly over and above with an aim of transforming the entire image of showrooms in the region.

Sigma Motorsports Lahore is an idea coined by Mr. M. Zubair Khalid and Mr. M. Adeel Khalid. The aim is not only to sell and showcase imported new bikes. In fact, they plan onto evolving the entire concept of heavy bikes in the region. Reviving the long-dead motorsports in Lahore as well.

The first thing which is bound to hold any bike lovers attention is the wide range of imported bikes. Sigma Motorsports Lahore indeed has number of finest bikes coming in the country at the moment. Few of the popular bikes which can be spotted at Sigma Motorsports Lahore include, Valentino 350R or the Lion 150. Those who share the special love for a heavy bike can certainly tell that these sigma motorsports bikes are exceptional.

If we talk about Lion 150 in particular, it is available in Pakistan for PKR.280,000. You might think that price is high but do not jump to conclusions till you don’t know about Lion 150. The appearance of the bike is insane, trying to mimic the lion appeal. Followed by having LIFAN Single cylinder, NBF Water cool engine. The displacement is 150cc of course.  The disc brakes are given in both front/ rear along with beefy front forks and rear mono-shocks.  Furthermore, it has petrol capacity of 12 liters and gives total mileage of 25kmpl.  Moreover, the bike has semi-analog instrumental clusters with temperature gauge and engine check lights. It is quite wise to say that Lion 150 from Sigma Motors Lahore is a beauty of its own.

The other beauty at this heavy bikes showroom in Lahore is Valentino 350R which is given Italian design. The displacement of the bike is 350cc, water-cooled EFI engine. Available in a broad spectrum of colors but the design is powerful, aggressive and unique. Moving on, the bike is originally from China but have Italian design as its coming from Italian engineers. The sound of the bike is quite heavy and aggressive with great finishing.

Overall its a beauty and the price of the bike is PKR.610,000. Indeed this is one of the exclusive bikes for those who are looking for something extra. Certainly for those who have the passion for bikes.  Moving on, this is not all which is available at Sigma Motorsports Lahore. They have a wide spectrum of heavy bikes models available including Gladiator 200cc, Scorpion 350RR, and Thunder 150cc to name few. Adding on, one can even purchase Electric bikes and touring bikes from Sigma Motorsports  Lahore.

Furthermore, Sigma Motorsports Lahore is among those few dealers who aim to build a relationship with customers. They are not  focus towards doing business in the region but they are further focusing on good service and quality. So that they generate customer loyalty and earn customer trust. Sigma Motorsports Lahore also provides vast range of motorsport services.  There is no doubt about the fact that there is lack of service stations in the region for motorcycles.

In such situation, Sigma Motorsports Lahore have introduced a platform which even provides total bike service. In fact, when you leave your bike at Sigma, you do not need to worry since the bike is totally in the hands of experts. They know what they are doing unlike most of the bike service providers out there in the market. Sigma Motorsports Lahore services include general automotive repairing, oil/ oil filter replacement, engine diagnostic. In short, they have from every service to any service you are looking for your bike.

Lastly but not the least, just in case you are wondering where Sigma Motorsports Lahore is located. You can easily spot them at 321, Block M, Main Ferozpur Road Opp Nawaz Shareef Park, Near Suzuki Sethi Motors, Kalma Chowk, Lahore. Still, have confusion? so browse their website