Sunra Launched Electric Bike in Pakistan Rs. 105,000 |

Sunra Launched Electric Bike in Pakistan

Pollution is one of the biggest problems of our country. With serious changes in the climate and the increase in global warming, it is necessary that actions must be taken if not diminish then reduce all sorts of pollution. Vehicles, however extremely advantageous, contribute the most in polluting the environment. And since fewer measures were being taken to control the contamination spreading across the country, Sunra, a Chinese company that has been producing electric vehicles since the 90s, helped introduce them Pakistan as well. The introduction of these electric bikes is a great step towards a healthier and less polluted country as there is no outlet for smoke or any cause of noise pollution.

In 2008 Sunra, collaborated with the Beijing Olympics and provided around three thousand electric bikes which were to facilitate transportation for the people. The company has six to eight thousand employees and about six to eight mega factories which produce these electronic bikes. The revenue generated by Sunra is approximately four billion dollars and its production capacity is of about four million bikes.

The specifications of this electric bike include, firstly the fact that it does not require any sort of fuel, be it petrol or gas. The electric bike simply needs to be charged for about five to six hours and it can be ridden for 60 Km with one charging. The bike’s speed limit is restricted to 70 km/h and hence is known as a gentleman’s bike. It is said that this bike is for people who believe in safe driving. The most shocking yet the most advantageous feature of this bike is that it requires zero maintenance. Since the bike does not have all the features a traditional bike has like a carburetor or an engine. The bike does not require a key to start, it does so simply by the push of a button and the thought that has been put into the safety of owning this bike is that if the side stand is down the bike will not move ahead, no matter how much acceleration is provided. The electric bike has power control and cruise control as well. The electric bike is automatic and the controls are attached with the handles, on the left, the brake is for the rear of the bike and on the right its for the front. The electric bike has a slender and classy yet a very simple structure so its parts are easily available in the market. This bike is a very practical approach towards advancements and makes transportation much simpler and environmental friendly. It costs about PKR 105,000 and is available for purchase at