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Super Power Bike Prices in Pakistan 2018

Pirani group was a dream which got transformed into reality within a short span of four decades. Super power motorcycle is a product of utter determination and consistent hard work. The idea which got generated in a small city of Hyderabad had so much power that it shook the way motorcycle industry was looked upon in Pakistan. It is now a well-known brand super power motorcycle name among other business groups in Pakistan.

The ultimate aim of Pirani group is to offer customer satisfaction. The pleasure of this approval tops the priority of Pirani group. It also targets stakeholders, the international community along with the rest of Pakistan. Pirani’s other goals include winning the trust of the customers. They do so by giving them a product which actually deserves their hard earned money. This famous group has never shied to put in their capital for the affording the best machinery, manpower or material. This consequently, assists them to manufacture outstanding products. Their factories are well equipped with sufficient advanced machinery and professionals.

The terrific products have gained Pirani a wonderful space in Pakistan’s corporate sector. Here are some of the listings of their Super Power motorcycle models:

Super Power Motorcycle 100cc Bike Price in Pakistan

super power motorcycle
Price: 52,000

Superpower 100cc is prepared with a single cylinder air cooled engine. super power 100cc has also 4-speed transmissions. This permits the rider to cover a greater distance with less consumption of fuel. For instance, one might lose around 1.5 liters of petrol on coverage of 100km. The weight of Super power motorcycle 100cc is light. It has also 92 cc displacement with a wet plate. This model can also come handy in the way for those seeking great design with a power.

Super Power Motorcycle 125cc Bike Price in Pakistan

super power motorcycle
Price: 75,000

If one is looking for an economical bike. Then this model might come to their rescue. The key specifications include a 12-liter fuel tank, 4 strokes, single cylinder and an engine with 4-speed transmission.  The appearance of sp 125cc might not look much sporty but it is very durable. super power 125cc frame provides a strong body. This fact stresses upon its durability even further.

Super Power Motorcycle 70cc Price in Pakistan 2018

super power motorcycle
Price: 40,500

Super Power has never stopped from amazing us with their excellent super power motorcycle 70cc. This model of  super power 70cc follows the leagues as well. It allows the user to reach high speed without letting go one’s control. The top speed which one could reach up to is 80 km/hr. This is show on the meter itself. super power motorcycle 70cc also have a smooth suspension system, great fuel mileage. In nutshell, it serves quality coupled with style.

 Super Power Bike ARCHI 150cc Price in Pakistan

This brand new model released in 2017 has taken the bike lovers in Pakistan by a surprise. It has got the edgiest looks with a perfect combination of colors. It is a blend of great specs and hi-technology. The main features include 2 valves engine, 150 cc displacement, and 4 strokes. Archi 150cc appearance is that of similar to a heavy bike. Archi 150 also has got the wolf-eye headlamp, great fuel tank capacity, and comfortable seats. 150cc Archi  bike also attractive design paired with a great silencer is a perfect combination for anyone.