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Super Power Leo 200cc Launched in Pakistan

Super power Leo 200cc motorcycles  is being manufactured by Pirani group of industries. The Piranis began their company in Hyderabad on a very narrow scale. With time, due to their endless efforts, the company began to grow. Today, every eye is a witness that the Pirani group has not only shone in the subcontinent but their efforts have also gained success in the western Asian countries. Moreover, their extremely hard work has made their dream come true in a period of 35-40 years. Now the Pirani group of company is recognized as one of the leading companies on the surface of the corporate world.

The companies aim to produce the best possible products in order to satisfy its valued customers, its stakeholders, the society as well as the country and the international community. Moreover, the goal is to bring out the bikes, which are the best value of money. Furthermore, the company also takes good care of the employees, vendors and other associates by providing them with good environment and working conditions. Pirani group of companies uses the most expensive and high-quality machinery and material in order to provide the best quality motorbikes. The management of the company is highly professional, thus making the company a success in the highly competitive markets. The company has been a subject to immense expansion in a very short period of time.

Super Power Leo 200 cc Motorcycle

On the opening ceremony of latest cricket tournament Pakistan Super league(PSL), the Pirani group of companies have launched the new superpower 200cc bike. This superpower 200cc motorcycle is available in the market in radiant red color which is extremely beautiful and eye-catching. It is huge in size as it has an ample capacity to adjust 02 people including the rider.

super power 200cc

Super power leo 200cc gives a powerful and sporty bike look on the headlights which makes the bike seem as no ordinary bike but a heavy duty bike. The bike also includes a number of safety featur, for example, e the bike has a strong front disk brake.

Super Power Leo 200cc Specification & Features

Super Power 200 cc has a 4 stroke 200cc engine with a water cooling, double shock radiator. Moreover, the bike has a 12 volt DC type electrical system. Furthermore, the both of the starter systems are available in the bike. The kick start system and the self-start system usually the users prefer the self start system of the bike. The transmission of the Super Power 200cc is 4 gear forward and 1 gear reverse, just like most of the newly designed bikes. The frame type of the bike is been constructs from press steel sheets + tubes.

More to it, the front of the Super Power leo 200cc has a constant rate coil spring and a double acting Hydraulic shock absorber. The rear of the bike also has a constant rate coil spring and double acting Hydraulic shock absorber but with the addition to leaf spring. Moreover, the wheel and tires size of the front and rear are same which is 135-10, 10PR. Furthermore, the front of the Super Power 200cc has a hydraulic shoe type size. However, the rear of the bike has a hydraulic expanding shoe type size 170mm into 29.5mm wid. The fuel tank capacity of the super power 200cc is 6 liters for petrol. The bike consists of a 12v/40A battery. Moreover, the head over

The fuel tank capacity of the super power leo 200cc is sufficient for the long journeys. The bike consists of a 12v/40A battery. Moreover, the head over back light of the bike is 37.5/60W, 10/5W (SW for tail lamp). Lastly, the wheel base of the Super Power Leo 200 cc is 1930mm, the total side is 2530mm x 1800mm x 1300mm. Moreover, the max speed of the Super power 200cc is 80km/h.

Superpower Leo 200cc Price in Pakistan 2018

The Super power Leo 200cc Price in Pakistan 2018 is Rs. 170,000. It has been a debate since its release that whether this bike is worth its price or not. Some say that the price is very reasonable with amazing features and specs. On the other hand, some say that the price is relatively high as other companies have the bikes of same types, same looks and almost same features and specs on a relatively low price when compared to the super power 200cc.

super power 200cc

For example, when the Archi 150 and Super Power Leo 200cc are compared, with the prices of 140,000 and 170,000 so without doubt, an extra 30,000 on the  Super Power Leo 200cc is totally worth it. Moreover, if the Super power leo 200cc beast is compared to the Zxmco cruise 200(Lifan Kpr200) than there are different opinions. Most of the people believe that the cruise 200 is way better than the Super Power leo 200cc.

Super Power 200cc Reviews

According to a research conducted by Pakwheels, the results state that superpower has achieved 72 percent(%) customer satisfaction rate.  Most of the customers admire the road grip and the speed of the Super Power 200cc. For example, a 32-year-old said ‘The bike’s grip on the road and its speed is my favorite thing.Whereas a teen reviewed it saying ‘this bike is the best thing i could ever ask for in a gift. Other users admire its comfort and quality. Some typical Pakistanis who want to brag around have this Super power leo 200cc as a first choice.

super power leo 200cc

They roam around the streets and to their friends bragging about their bike. However, the company itself is extremely happy with the rapid sales and positive reviews of the bike. Super power is now planning to bring out more 200cc or greater products as they’ve achieved success.

On the other hand, the negative 28% is rather confusing for the company. The negative reviews mostly include the complaints of price and fuel economy. Some people say that the price is comparatively high. Whereas others say that the mileage is not up to the expectations. The company is taking good action against these reviews and have promised to satisfy the customers in the upcoming products. According to rumors, the Super Power company and the Pirani group of companies are planning to launch such a product. This would satisfy the customers in all aspects. Therefore, the companies have hired foreign professionals to be the top in the market and maintain the customer loyalty. Moreover, their constant hard work and efforts will make it brighter for the company in the near future.