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Super Power 110cc Cheetah 2018

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Super Power 110cc Cheetah Price Rs:

Image Credit: Pirani Group

Super Power Cheetah 110 cc 2018

Superpower has launched a new bike, which has a sleek look and powerful engine. The bike is none other than superpower 110 cc cheetah. Not just the name but the look of the bike is also modeled on Tigers face. Like most of the super power motorcycles, superpower cheetah 110 cc is comfortable and easy to ride. The bike has been designed keeping the roads and highways in mind, it is easy to ride for all the bikers. The powerful engine of superpower cheetah 110 cc

allow the riders to take the bike on all kind of roads and to top this the price of the bike is also not very high. superpower cheetah 110 cc 2018 price in Pakistan is approximately PKR.82000.

The Manufacturers Of Super Power Cheetah 110 CC

Superpower bike 2018 is manufactured by the Pirani Group of companies. A company renowned for making the technological advances by importing the technology and making it available for everyone. The company has done immense progress not only on its own but also for the subsidiary companies. This has led to a relationship of trust between the customers and the company. The bikes launched by the company have not only stylish and sleek look. Also, they have powerful and efficient and are easy to ride.

The company has always managed to stay focused on meeting the demand for motorcycles. Also making the effort to develop powerful bikes at reasonable rates. Pirani Group has secured the trust of its customers by providing quality at a sufficient and reasonable rate. In result, it has given the company the image of customer caring company. The honesty of the company has led to rise in demands for the bikes manufactured by the company. Owing to its stylish looks and powerful engine of the bikes the company has become very popular. Popularity is among all age groups but particularly is more popular among the young generation.

Pirani Group has managed to provide style with a powerful engine and all at a reasonable price. Resulting in adding to company’s good image among the young generation. As it makes it convenient for them to purchase the bikes developed by the company.

Super Power Cheetah 110 cc 2018

Super power cheetah 110 cc 2018 has a heavy and powerful engine. At the same time, the bike is very comfortable to use. In addition, comes with the company fitted leather seats which are beyond comfortable and has a sleek look. The super power has attached the bike with a strong silencer which has the capability to absorb shocks.

The look of the bike has the ability to catch attention. Ever Since the Superpower company has built this bike with the intention of leading the market. The stainless mudguard, handle and heavy silencer all compliment the bikes face and entire look.

Super Power 110cc 2018 Technical Specifications and Features

Super power Cheetah 110 cc has specifications which complement its look. Justifying the selection of the name by the company Super Power. Super Power Cheetah 110 cc has a 4 stroke 110cc engine, shock absorbing silencer. The company has made changes to make it different from other 110cc bikes. The bike has new headlights and digital speedometer. Along with seats which resemble the look of sports bikes and the bike is also equipped with led indicators.

Super Power Cheetah has a displacement of the engine is 110 cc, so the bikes are as powerful as other 110 cc. The stylish stainless handle makes it easier to ride the bike on the bumpy roads. Offering maximum comfort and ease, besides the comfortable leather seats also adds to it. Further, to add to the bikes strength it is equipped with electric start. A speed limiter which is added keeping the roads of the country in mind and an electric reverse. The bike has also 8-inch wheels which add to the beauty of the bike and its stylish look.

The thing which sets superpower 110cc apart from other 110cc bikes is its sleek sporty look. The bike has the stainless handle and low height leather seats. This is the first time such a look has been created which is sporty but also has the classic look. This look is usually available on the sports bike which is quite expensive. On the other hand, superpower 110cc is available at a reasonable rate.

The low seat height and automatic controls give the riders an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of riding the sports bike. The superpower 110cc  comes with stainless mudguard which has become an essential part of the bike.


In conclusion, the name Cheetah is appropriate for the bike. In fact, no other name could have been better because the bikes’ features and specification justify the name. The bike consists of all the latest technological specifications. However, in comparison to other 110cc bikes, the superpower 110cc  is way advance. Not only in terms of technology but also in look, style, and comfort. Superpower 110cc  gives the rider the pleasure of riding a sports bike but at a reasonable price. Whether the roads are bumpy or rocky, the bike stays comfortable and easy to ride.

The developers of the bikes are also making efforts to make the spare parts available in every corner of the country. Although its very challenging but the developers are making strong efforts to make it happen. Besides, the company is trying best to stay honest with its customers. Furthermore,  promoting the relationship between the customers and the company. By developing this bike the company has also given bike lovers an opportunity to enjoy pleasure on a sports bike. Since, they are very popular among the young generation. To add to all this, the price of the bike is not so expensive. Due to which it is becoming extremely popular among the young generations.

Features and technological aspects of the bike along with its sleek sports look make it one unique bike. The bike consists of all the necessary accessories and gears to deal with all kind of roads. Unlike ordinary bikes, with superpower 110cc  say goodbye to road stress. As all the features of the bike allow the users to ride the bike without having to worry about the roads. All in all, it’s a must have the bike for all the bike lovers.

super power cheetah 110 cc
Color Red

Super power 110cc Cheetah 2018 Specification

Engine4 Stroke OHC, Air Cold Single CylinderDisplacement110 CC
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio8.8:1
StartingKick StartFrameCradle Type
Dimension (Lxwxh)2680x760x110 inchGround Clearance
Petrol Capacity15 LtrTyre at Front3.0 x 18 4 PR
Tyre at Back3.0 x 18 6 PRDry Weight106 Kg