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Super Power 70 Deluxe 2018

super power 70 deluxe
SP 70 deluxe

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Image Credit: Pirani Group

The recent motorcycle launch by Pirani group is super power 70 deluxe. The latest talk of the town, finest invention to be used in any area. Let it be an urban or rural area, superpower deluxe 70 is best suitable for all road types. Apparently, it does look like that the company has tried to produce something similar to Honda deluxe. However, the displacement of superpower 70 Deluxe is way less. It’s a good looking bike and the company has made use of its resources at its best. Moreover, the bike specifications and technicality are quite impressive. The company has indeed tried to make this bike a complete package.

Pirani groups, the company behind superpower motorcycles. One thing which has been consistent with the brand is quality.  Every motorcycle they produce is not only assuring quality but the innovation is also at its best. It does look like that heart and soul have been put in the manufacturing of the motorcycle. Yet, Pirani group manage to keep the price in check, not going too overboard. However, it does look like that the main focus of Pirani group is youth.

Therefore, every product coming from the company does look like sports bike to some extent. Moving on to economical pricing which makes the bike affordable by every other person. The company is purely focusing on the right market segment, youth, and the middle class. As a result, they are producing bikes which are practical for everyday use. As well as they are friendly on the pocket and does meet style need to the certain degree.

Furthermore, this is why when we talk about SuperPower 70 Deluxe it does have a lot to brag about. Firstly a 70cc motorcycle with so many attractive features and specialties at a reasonable price. In order to kill the curiosity, superpower deluxe 70cc 2018 price in Pakistan is only PKR.55000. It might sound a lot to some people but do not be hasty. You do need to know all this bike has to offer before jumping to conclusions.

SuperPower Deluxe 70cc Features and Specifications

SuperPower 70 Deluxe is a sporty looking and stylish motorcycle.  The bike appears to be powerful and bound to hold attention once on road. The bike is available in basic colors of red and black with fine graphics on the fuel tank. The headlight cowling is one of the distinct features. It will not be wrong that Super Power 70 Deluxe more or less does resemble Honda Deluxe. Possibilities are that people may even doubt it for Honda Deluxe at the first glance.

Moving on to fuel tank appearance, its broader than regular bikes as well as it’s little humped. All these designing and innovation in the overall shape, makes the bike look uniquely different. Super Power 70 Deluxe is given spacious and comfortable good for two people. Both the pillion and rider can travel in comfort along with safety bar at the back. Headlights and side indicators are extremely bright, making it easier for other to pick up indication signals. Also, the speedometer is digital along with the digital indication of gears. As you switch between gears, you can easily see it on the digital meter.

On the other hand, the mudguards of Super Power 70 Deluxe are broader to work best against extreme conditions. However, it not quite attractive that both front and back mudguards are of different material. The front mudguards are made up of steel and are in silver color. Whereas the back mudguards are plastic and in black color. I personally believe that the company must have given both front and back mudguards in steel. Since we all are well aware that plastic is not too reliable.

Resulting in massive damage to bike even in times of minor accidents. Furthermore, the good part is that Super Power 70 Deluxe bike chain is covered with the cowling. The bike is available for both self-start and kick start options giving it an edge over others. Another interesting feature is the back and front tires of the bike. The size of front and back tire is 2.25-17. However, the depressions for grip on both the tires are different as well as the company. The front tire has vertical line depressions for grip and is manufactured by Service tires. Whereas back tire is from Diamond tires and has horizontal zigzag lines.

Super Power 70 Deluxe is given 4 Stroke OHC, Air Cooled Single Cylinder engine. The bore and stroke are 47.0 x 41.4 mm.  Super Power 70 Deluxe has Euro II technology, as a result, its eco -friendly. Along with the decent looking black, cylindrical shape silencer. Moreover, the bike silencer in nonheat-able meaning it will not get hot. This feature is going to benefit a lot of riders protecting them from sudden leg burns. Although Super Power 70 Deluxe name makes one assume it to be 70cc the displacement is 78cc. The maximum speed this bike can reach is of 70-75kmph as claimed by the company.

The compression ratio of SuperPower 70 Deluxe is 8.8:1. The extreme Horsepower of this bike is 7.0ps / 8500 RPM with 4 speed rarely mesh transmission. Super Power 70 Deluxe is given wet plate type clutch. The dimensions of the bike are 1885x760x990 mm with a dry weight of 82kgs.The ground clearance of 135mm providing stability on road. Along with fuel tank capacity of 10liters with the mileage of 70kmpl. Super Power 70 Deluxe frame type is backbone type but the company says that the body extremely strong. Hence, the bike will stay dent free if unfortunately hit by minor accidents. The feature worth mention about is its bump-free ride. No matter if the road is smooth or bumpy, Super Power 70 Deluxe ensures hassle-free comfort ride.


Super Power 70 Deluxe is a good bike for everyday use. Also, the price of the bike is reasonable as it is kick start as well as self-start. Overall it’s an economical bike and it can help meet the transport need of many people. Furthermore, the maintenance of this bike will not be an issue either. It will not need more than regular maintenance for first few years.

super power 70 deluxe
Color Black

Super power 70 Deluxe Specification

Engine4 Stroke OHC, Air Cold Single CylinderDisplacement70 CC
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio8.8:1
ClutchWet Plate-typeTransmission4 Speed Rarely Mesh
StartingKick StartFrameBack Bone Type Strong Body
Dimension (Lxwxh)1885x760x990 mmGround Clearance175
Petrol Capacity12 LtrTyre at Front2.25-17 4 PR
Tyre at Back2.25-17 4 PRDry Weight82 Kg