Oil Tanker Association Called Off Their Strike against Ogra

Oil Tanker Association Called Off Their Strike against OGRA

Oil Tanker Contractors Association has decided to end their strike after successful talks with Government(OGRA).

Earlier the association announced strike against OGRA’s Safety Standard Regulations. After successful negotiation with Govt. officials the association has called off their strike against Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

The strike directly affected the common man, as major cities were facing a shortage of petroleum and other oil products due to oil tanker association strike. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRAs) has been trying to ensure the safe supply of petroleum products throughout Pakistan. Therefore, they have again tried to implement safety standards 2009 regarding transportation of petroleum products after recent incident in Ahmad Pur Sharqia, Punjab.

However, once again the oil tanker contractors have refused to accept it. It is worth mentioning here that more than 5,000 oil tankers are not in compliance with the safety standards prescribed by the OGRA