Truck Art of Pakistan - A New Trend in EU & USA |

Truck Art of Pakistan – A New Trend in EU & USA

Truck Art of Pakistan

As you all know, Pakistan is a country of rich culture and amusingly talented people. One of the many things for which Pakistan is famous is its famous and beautiful truck art, although many countries have adopted this unique and an eye-catching form of calligraphy. But If you talk about its history, truck art has been a homegrown art form in the whole of South Asia, especially Pakistan. Till date, every Asian eye is a witness that no country has been in competition with the incomparable Pakistani truck art.

Truck Art Decoration in Pakistan

The Pakistani truck art has taken such artistry to a whole new level which is beyond common imagination. Artists decorate trucks in Pakistan with paintings of beautiful creatures like peacocks, birds, or a simple floral pattern. However, the most important element is the poetry that is written in different languages Pashto, Punjabi or just simple Urdu. Moreover, people prefer truck art wall paper to decorate their lounges and drawing rooms.

These poetry lines on Pakistani trucks could either be funny, religious or just summarize thoughts of the vehicle owner. For example, the most common humorous one-liner is ‘Dekh, Magar Pyaar Se’ (Watch, but with love) or a sort of a motivating slogan like ‘Maa ki dua, Jannat Ki Hawa’ (Mother’s prayers are no less than heaven’s wind). These one-liners, leave a smile on the face of the travelers, sometimes making them ponder over their lives. In simple words, you just can’t underestimate Pakistani gentlemen as they have a long list of the things they have mastered in, just like the truck art.

Truck Art around the World

You know you have done something amazing when the Planet’s Superpowers are influenced by it. Such is the case with the Pakistani truck art. It is on the trends list of the European countries and the United States. As the people there admire the beautiful art designs. For example, The famous fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana is selling some makeup items in Milan, Italy in a rickshaw painted to perfection in typical Pakistani art style. Moreover, Paris, France has a 70’s Volkswagen beautifully painted in the Pak Truck style. It also has Pak-French flags painted at the bonnet of the vehicle, indicating the good relations between the two.

truck art

truck art
Image Credit: Phool Patti


Reciprocation has always been a fundamental part in mathematics throughout high school. But what if cultures are reciprocated? The Turkish gave Pakistanis’ the buses of their styles. Therefore,  in return, the Pakistani people have the buses of their type of truck art pictures roaming the streets of Istanbul! Wow!. More to it, The mighty United States have their museums, their vehicles painted in the Pak truck styles.  You won’t believe even the kiddy Legos are in trend in Los Angeles and New York. It’s in business now, and won’t easily fade away. Way to go Americans!. What an invention, Pakistanis!

truck art
Image Credit: US Consulate General Karachi

truck art
Image Credit: Caroline Issa