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Unique Bike 70cc 2018 Model Price in Pakistan

Unique Bike 70 2018 is one of the best motorcycles in the market. The Unique 70 2018 is a product of DS Motors Pvt. Ltd. Unique motorcycles have come up with its latest bike called Unique 70 2018. Other than being durable and of top quality, the unique 2018 model has newer added features. Moreover, its earlier model is the highest selling bike of this 2017. The engine capacity of the Unique 70 2018 is 70 cc.

Unique UD 70 2018 – Company behind the Bike

Unique bike 70 2018 is a bike of the DS Motors group of companies. DS Motors group is a very famous company which has a very good reputation since its start. The unique bikes introduced in the market in 2004. Additionally, they also offer generators, Autorickshaw and Sports bike, which has good quality and reasonable price. Likewise, their motorbikes are very reliable and comfortable to use.

History of the Unique 70 2018 & DS Motors Group

Talking about the DS Motors Group, the makers of the Unique 70 2018. Started in 2004, the sole aim of DS motors was to be the market leader in the industry.  Over the years the unique bike 70 2018 company has gained trust and is adored by each of citizen in Pakistani. Moreover, their success will make sure they expand rapidly in the country. Additionally, they also assure the top class services. This growth of DS Motors Group in such a tiny time moved them. From here on, they work very hard whereby putting a lot of effort. As a result, it gave them the willpower to go further.

DS Motors Group owns the whole Unique Bike including the Unique 70 2018 and other unique 2018 model. At the same time, they benefit from a huge market as well. The people and the bikers are all very much satisfied with this D.S Group bikes… Moreover, DS Motors Group also makes commercial rickshaws, 3 wheeler cargo and loaders, and generators. Their unique bike range includes UD 70 extreme, UD 100, UD 125, unique crazer 150cc and the new Unique 70 2018.

DS Motors Behind Unique 70 2018

The main aim of making the Unique 70 2018 is simply to make the people live better and easier. The unique 70cc is the perfect bike which actually satisfies the large masses. DS group takes high pride in doing this. Furthermore, they take joy in knowing they are doing this. Other than that, the Unique bike 70 2018 has a design which is ideal for the common man. Thus, it has by now captured the people’s trust and market share.

They not only aim to aid and accomplish the needs of the market, as well as setting high values. Furthermore, they have delivered great bikes to the masses and still strive to be better by the passing day. Their vision is to be the make Unique 70 2018 and other bike models, the best in the bike category. They also want to make the society better by giving them more options.

Moreover, the D.S Motors is equipped with latest machines materials, and labor in the market working on it. As a result, they make great top quality products. For this reason, the unique 70 factory has only the best machines and employees.

Unique UD 70 2018 – Specifications and Features

The Unique bike 70 2018 has a 4 stroke engine and air cold single cylinder. Furthermore, its bore and stroke is 47 x 41.4 mm and its displacement is 70 cc. Similarly, it has a 4-speed shift system. Additionally, it also has a wet type multi-plate clutch system.

The ignition system in the Unique 70 2018 is kick start. However, the frame of the unique 70cc is a backbone type. The Unique 70 2018’s dimension is 1880. Meanwhile, its ground clearance is 135 mm. Moreover, the petrol capacity in this unique 2018 model is 9 liters.

The size of unique 70 2018 front tyre is 2.25 – 17, whereas the back tyre is 2.50 – 17. Similarly, the dry weight of the Unique bike 70 2017 is just 90 kgs, making it like a cheetah. At the same time, the seat of the Unique 70 2017 is of good quality leather. For that reason, the unique bike 70 2018 model is very comfortable to sit on, making it better for the rider.

Unique Bike 70 2018 – fuel economy

The fuel mileage is something which concerns a lot of people. They are a lot about how much one can ride in a single liter of petrol. As a matter of fact, the Unique 70 2018, however, is really good on that matter. For example, the Unique 70 2018 will give up to 80 km in 1 liter. This will ensure that the unique 70 2018 is reliable for long routes. Moreover, the unique bike 70 2018 is also easy in the pockets of the rider. For that reason, its sales have climbed up a lot.

Unique 70 – Final Result

Compared to all other 70cc bikes, the unique 70 is much better in terms of features and specs. Moreover, DS Motors Group has made it keeping in mind the people choice. Other than that, the Unique bike 70 2018 is much more environmentally friendly as compared to all the other. Unique 70 2018 price in Pakistan is Rs. 44,000 only. For a brand new 70cc bike, that is basically nothing. The features and specs one is getting in the unique bike 70 2018 are also too good to believe. Similarly, the design which the new unique bike 70 2018 is going to introduce will also be amazing. Finally, if one talks about the rating, the unique 70cc deserves at least 4 stars out of 5.

Unique Bike 2018 Model Price in Pakistan

The current Price of Unique 70cc 2018 Price in Pakistan is PKR 44,000/-.