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Uride Pakistan – A New Entrant in Online Taxi

Uride Taxi Pakistan

Over the past few month, these smartphone-based cab services are taking over almost all another mean of transports. Let it be a yellow cab, airport taxi or city taxi, none of these is safe from the rising trend of application based cab services. Protests were carried out in various parts of the city by other taxi services against these new online taxis. However, there was not much gain. After every now and then the cases were closed. Recently, a new online taxi service is taking birth. A cab service by the name of Uride Pakistan is making its debut in the city. Uride Pakistan aims to follow a similar pattern like Uber and Careem.

The co-founders of Uride Pakistan are Mr.Kamran Ghani, Mr. Nasir Bashir, and Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq. Having their head office located in Phase.2 extension, DHA, Karachi.  Uride Pakistan is more of a car hiring service, which is obviously privately owned and has nothing to do with Ufone. As people are confused due to names and logo similarity. It works in a similar manner as Uber and Careem. Therefore, having a smartphone with an internet connection is a must.

The application for Uride Pakistan can be downloaded on both Android and IOS phones. After downloading the app, a person can book the ride by sending location. As a result, within minutes the car with a driver will be at your service. Indeed, the application is quite easy to use. The benefit of these services is a particularly high level of reliability. Followed by comfort level, usually, cars with decent maintenance level are at your service. Considering the scorching heat of country, these cars are must to have ac. Now one certainly does not get that in public transports even yellow cabs although they almost charge same.

Uride taxi further ensures the security of its passengers. Since we all are well aware of rising issues which were brought to notice on various social media platforms. Regarding misconduct of Uber or Careem drivers. On the other hand, in order to avoid any such situation. Uride Taxi is in the practice of issuing a certificate to the vehicles who are on board. This certificate is named as Fitness Certificate. This will certify all the passengers that they are traveling in a car which is not only safe but have no security concerns. As a result, stress-free ride. In contrary, it will also work in favor of driver. As it will help them to get through a situation where they are in need of fitness certificate.

Uride Taxi is officially carrying out its service since February 2017. They already have about 1000 vehicles on board. The rate card of Uride is similar to Uber and  Careem which may not work in their favor. As Uber and Careem have bagged trust of its consumer over all these time. Whereas Uride Pakistan is firstly a lot of confusion between Ufone and Uride. Following its a new thing in K-town. Also, there are few bugs in its application. In short, Uride taxi Pakistan is simply a replication of Uber or Careem with nothing extraordinary to offer. However, one can certainly count on it but Uride Pakistan need to do something out of the box to make an impact.