Girls Pedal en masse in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad |

Women Pedal en masse in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

Girls at Dhabas, one of the most prominent feminist pages on social media in Pakistan. Recently, a rally was arranged by Girls at Girls at Dhabas, one of the most prominent feminist pages on social media in Pakistan. Recently, a rally was arranged by Girls at Dhabas. In this rally number of women were invited and participated including celebrities. It was not an ordinary rally but a rally in which all the women were riding a bicycle and was labeled as bike rally.

The rally was held on Sunday in the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The aim of the rally was to get the message across that women also has equal rights. They even own the public spaces to the same extent as men and encouraging them to regain these spaces.

The rally had different meetup points in different cities of course. In Lahore, the rally started from Trade Centre and a number of celebrities joined in such as Zara Peerzada and Meesha Shafi. Whereas in Karachi the rally was initiated from Tariq Road and in Islamabad, the rally started from Haunted Hill. Women who were part of this rally were also holding posters. One of the posters also read “Our roads, our city”, a remake of the popular slogan used in one of the similar campaigns.

Apparently, it looked like everything was well covered and taken care. All those females, who did not own a bicycle were given bikes on rent. This rally was basically initiated two years back in support of Aneeqa Ali. A citizen of Lahore, who was not only injured and hit by men but also harassed. She was spotted by a group of men in the car while she was riding her bicycle and was brutally treated.  This issue did not only raise the number of questions but ignited aggression in females. They were furious and many questions were raised, why only men are allowed to own the public spaces?  Why can only men enjoy themselves on the street while women cannot? Therefore, the focus of the rally was to fight for one own right.

The artists,  Meesha Shafi also took the matter to her Twitter account stating her experience. She further added that it was one of the most liberating experiences, she ever came across. Reportedly, this is the third rally which has been arranged so far. Also, the number of influencers came forward in favor of the bike rally. Disco Spider even took it to Twitter stating that it cannot be put into words how it feels. Sisterhood may prosper and remain strong.

Everyone loved the experience and appreciated the effort put forward by Girls at Dhabas. Some were looking forward to another rally.  While some looked upon it as a nice initiative to bring bicycling back in the game. Whatever the case is, overall the experience was exhilarating. It was surprising to see that great number of women came forward in support of this rally. Not only did they enjoyed the experience but were thrilled to continue it in coming days.